the story behind late night notary

Not everybody works a 9 to 5.

The idea behind Late Night Notary came from our own experiences trying to get documents notarized. These hours are often inconvenient, forcing you to reschedule everything. Finding a notary open late is very difficult.

That’s where we come in. We don’t maintain office hours like a typical full-service notary. Instead, mobile notaries offer an open schedule where you select the time that is best for you. Everything, including payment, is handled at that time.

We also offer fair rates. While notary fees are set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, notaries public are free to charge what is known as “clerical or administrative fees” which can make notarization (and especially mobile notarization) much more expensive. With less overhead, we charge a fraction of these fees.

If you’re looking for a Notary Public in Reading, PA, Late Night Notary can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a mobile notary is easy!

Why should I get a document notarized?

There are a variety of reasons. Some official documents require a notarized signature to prevent fraud. A notary witnesses your signature to ensure you are signing it of your own free will.

What is the difference between you and a traditional notary?

There’s no difference. Both a traditional and a mobile notary have the same commission from the Commonwealth. The only difference is we come to you, versus you coming to us.

Can you help me fill out the document I am getting notarized?

No. Notaries public are not licensed to practice law or give legal advice unless they are also an attorney. Before visiting a notary, be sure you understand what you’re signing. A notary can only check for completeness and verify your identity and signature.

Do you offer online notarization/RON?

Remote Online Notary (RON) was first authorized in the Commonwealth by Governor Tom Wolf as part of COVID-19 measures in early 2020, and was made permanent by Act 97 later that year. This allows notaries public to notarize documents completely online using approved platforms. We’ve just started offering RON! See this blog post for more.

I live in (state here). Can you notarize my document?

Our notaries are only commissioned to perform notarial acts within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, however the notarial seal is valid in all states that accept out-of-state notarizations. You can be from any state, as long as the actual notarization happens in Pennsylvania with you present (note: only the notary needs to be in Pennsylvania for RON!).

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