We want our notarization services to be affordable as they are convenient. Our travel fees are based on a roundtrip distance from zip code 19609.

We prefer payment by card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) but will also accept cash at the time of service. Payment is due before the notarization will occur. We provide receipts via e-mail (sorry, no mobile printer just yet!).

Administrative and travel fees are still due if the notarization cannot occur except for issues that prevent us from making it to your scheduled appointment. Life does happen: if you have an emergency that forces you to cancel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as possible. We’d be happy to reschedule.

Waiver of fees is on a case-by-case basis.

Mobile Notary Fees

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Notary Fees

The Pennsylvania Department of State sets the fees below. These are only applicable for in-person notarizations.

Taking acknowledgment
A declaration in the presence of a notary that they have willingly signed an affidavit.
Each additional name on the same affidavit+$2.00 
Administering oath or affirmation (per individual)
A solemn promise of truthfulness, given the force of law when administered by a notary.
Taking verification on oath or affirmation (unlimited signatures)
Signing or swearing that certain written statements are true.
Witnessing or attesting a signature (per signature)
Confirmation that a signature was made by the person identified.
Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition (per certified copy)
The process of certifying document copies and depositions as being genuine.

Administrative and Travel Fees

The below fees cover our costs for providing notary services and travel to your location.

Administrative Fee$10.00 
Travel Fee (within 10 miles roundtrip of 19609 – Reading city and surrounding areas)$5.00
Travel Fee (10-20 miles roundtrip – Reading outer burbs)$10.00 
Travel Fee (over 20 miles roundtrip – all other served areas)$20.00
Travel Fee (for travel outside our service area)$1.00/mile
Holiday/Weekend/Late Night (9 PM-9 AM Mon-Fri, 9 PM Fri-9 AM Mon, Bank Holidays)+$5.00 
Rush/Emergency (Priority scheduling to next available appointment)+$15.00

For example, a customer in Bethel who needs a witness to one signature on a weekend would pay $40 for the service. Notary fees can be charged multiple times in a transaction, however administrative and travel fees apply only once.

Remote Online Notarization/E-Notary Services

Pennsylvania Notary Fees are included in the price. We will direct clients to the cheapest option available during our testing period for their particular notarization. Administrative Fees are waived until further notice.

Base Fee
Regardless of RON Platform Used
Platform Fee
Charged by BlueNotary
Administrative Fee
Charged by Late Night Notary
Additional Signer+$5.00 
Additional Notary Stamps
When multiple notary signatures are required

Signing Agent Fees

Loan Signing Fee
Full Purchase, Reverse Mortgage
Signing Fee
Cash Deal
Loan Application$50.00
E-Docs FeeNo Charge

Do you need to come to my house?

No, we can meet you in a central location of your choosing. Travel fees will be charged for travel to your selected location, not to your home address.

COVID-19 information

Late Night Notary takes all steps to ensure the safety of its customers. We do not need to enter your home to perform notary services unless you request or inclement weather requires it. Please indicate if you have specific requests (masking, etc.) when scheduling an appointment. If you test positive for COVID-19 before your appointment, please contact us.

Thank you for helping us protect our customers.