How to Use a Mobile Notary in Reading PA

So you’ve got documents that you need to sign and return. However, the document sender wants you to have those documents notarized. Traditionally, this meant a trip to AAA, a local PennDOT tag, or a notary shop. That’s not the case anymore, as a mobile notary in Reading PA comes to you.

A mobile notary public (sometimes referred to as a traveling notary) has been around as long as the notary itself. However, the rising popularity of delivery services and pandemic lockdowns made it even more popular.

What is a mobile notary?

Mobile notary services are no different than traditional notaries. Notaries public are commissioned by the Department of State they reside in. They work either as independent contractors or as part of a larger company and perform the same functions, including signature witnessing, administering oaths and affirmations, copy certifications, and more.

Notary signings hold no different weight than a traditional notarial act. The primary difference is where notaries perform their work: traditional notaries work from an office, whereas mobile notaries work from anywhere.

How much does a mobile notary cost?

Mobile notarial acts cost no different than traditional notaries, as each act has a maximum fee permitted by state law. However, notaries public are free to charge a fee to recoup their costs for doing business.

Since travel is involved, the customer is responsible for reimbursing the notary’s time and paying administrative costs. The latter helps pay for any additional “overhead” the notary might have to pay, including supplies, training, insurance, and more.

As a result, mobile notarization is more expensive than traditional notarization. Like the delivery fees for delivery apps, you’re paying for the “convenience” of having a notary signing service come to you.

However, it shouldn’t be costly, either. Think of how Uber or Lyft charges for their rides. A traveling notary’s fees will be at least as much as it would cost for an Uber going the same distance. However, it’s typically more.

notary public at desk

How to use a mobile notary

The notary meets you at your home or a mutually agreed location to notarize your documents. You schedule a time with the notary public to get your documents notarized that is convenient to you.

Have at least one form of identification that shows your picture and signature (having multiple is always a good idea). The notary checks your identification and documents, collects the payment, and signs and affixes their notarial stamp.

Some mobile notaries use Remote Online Notary (RON) technology to visit you virtually. A digital notarization holds the same weight as a traditional stamp. The only difference is the “signatures” are digitized and protected by cryptography.

The neat thing about many of these newer services is that you can get a notarized document from your mobile phone. It’s convenient, and the notarization is no less “official.”

Late Night Notary can help

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