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Thank you for your interest in Late Night Notary. You can use the form below to request an appointment.

Please note that appointment times are not guaranteed until we reach out to you to confirm details. Need to ask us a question? Use this form instead.

The 15-minute appointment block should be enough time for single-signer and document notarizations. If you need a phone consultation, use this appointment block as well and let us know when we reach out to confirm. More complex notarization sessions should choose 30 minutes.

All RON (online notary) appointments are same-day only and can be scheduled 30 minutes in advance. Please schedule all mobile notary appointments at least 90 minutes in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my appointment time guaranteed until you confirm?

While our online scheduling system already considers our current schedules, unfortunately, it’s not perfect. We must ensure we have sufficient travel time between appointments (something our system can’t do, at least for now), and a last-minute unscheduled task won’t prevent us from making your appointment.

Your confirmed appointment will likely be close to where you requested it, though!

Can I schedule same-day service?

YES! That’s why we confirm every appointment: we expect most of our clients to come to us to get a notarization out of the way ASAP, not wait another couple of days to do it. Remember, if you’re interested in remote/online notary services, we request that you schedule those appointments same-day only.