Notaries have been around since the Roman Empire. As a result, some of the terms used may seem a little antiquated. We’ve explained those below, as well as answering a few questions.

Witnessing and Attesting Signatures

One of the most common tasks of a Pennsylvania notary is witnessing or attesting signatures.

Protects against fraud

Verifies the identity of the signer


An acknowledgment is similar to the above. However, the document comes to the notary already signed.

Protects against fraud and coercion

Verifies the signer did so voluntarily

Oaths and Affirmations

Notaries public can also administer oaths and affirmations, swearing that certain statements are true.

A requirement of some public and private jobs

Verifies understanding of job expectations

Copy Certification

A copy certification is where the notary confirms that a reproduction of an original document is an accurate reproduction of the original.

Protects against counterfeiting

Legally binding

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