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Late Night Notary is happy to announce we’ve been approved as a Pennsylvania online notary! Our notaries can perform both e-notary (in person) and remote online notarization (RON). You no longer need to find a notary working on your schedule because we can meet with you online anytime! Initially, we are offering RON through Notarize, … Read more

Looking for a Cheap Notary? We Can Help

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Everyone at some point will need notary services, but notarizing your document doesn’t need to be expensive. Having a notary public come to you — more commonly referred to as a mobile notary — is less costly than you think. So, where can you find a cheap notary in Reading PA? Keep reading. The notary … Read more

The Story Behind Late Night Notary

The Pagoda in Reading, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for considering Late Night Notary. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as well as tell you why I decided to start a mobile notary business. My name is Ed Oswald, and I am a commissioned Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the founder of Late Night … Read more

How to Use a Mobile Notary in Reading PA

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So you’ve got documents that you need to sign and return. However, the document sender wants you to have those documents notarized. Traditionally, this meant a trip to AAA, a local PennDOT tag, or a notary shop. That’s not the case anymore, as a mobile notary in Reading PA comes to you. A mobile notary … Read more

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