The Story Behind Late Night Notary

Thank you so much for considering Late Night Notary. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as well as tell you why I decided to start a mobile notary business.

My name is Ed Oswald, and I am a commissioned Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the founder of Late Night Notary. As the name might suggest, I started this notary service to offer Reading and Berks County another option for notary services.

No doubt there is plenty of notaries public across Berks. But most offer their services during normal working hours — with little if any evening hours. As a “night owl” myself, this isn’t the most convenient option.

Late Night Notary’s mission

Late Night Notary aims to solve this problem by offering “24/7” mobile notary services. Instead of going to a notary shop, we come to you. This can be at your home, business, or a convenient, mutually agreed to location. It’s up to you. It can be in the middle of the day, midnight, or even on a holiday.

We also think that mobile notary services should be affordable. While the popularity of mobile notarization has exploded due to COVID-19, in many cases, it can be prohibitively expensive compared to a traditional notary.

We’ve spent a lot of time considering our rates and ensuring that our services are as affordable as possible. While the Commonwealth sets notary fees, notaries are free to charge “reasonable” administrative and clerical fees to recoup costs. We’ve made sure that these fees we charge are as reasonable as catching an Uber or Lyft, just, in this case, we’re providing notary services.

We’re a new notary, but…

Indeed, I have just received my notary commission. However, unlike in the past, the Commonwealth now requires all notaries to take and pass a training course and a proctored exam from the Department of State to receive their commission. They also must now take continuing education every four years to maintain their commission.

Additionally, every notary must purchase a bond to protect their customers in the event of financial loss. Additionally, notaries can opt to purchase additional insurance, which Late Night Notary has.

So no matter whether you go to a notary that received their commission that day or has had it for 20 years, every notary has received the same training and is required to hold the same protections for you in the event they make a mistake.

Thank You!

Whether you choose us or not, I thank you for taking the time to consider us and help us build our new business. We can’t wait to serve you!

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